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 AC pots R5 for clannies

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PostSubject: AC pots R5 for clannies   Tue Jul 19, 2011 3:41 pm

I am willing to make AC pots R5 for clannies at cost 1101 g each for resins. To reduce this cost, any donations will be used in creating the potions.

Donations needed to make potions:
1 Consumable Recipe
1 T6 bone
1 Waste Resin
1 T7 Dye
5 T1 bones
5 T1 Dyes
20 Tethered Resins

Donations to make Consumables:
1 T7 Dye
1 T7 Cloth

Donations to make Dyes:
2 (T7/T1) Berries

Donations to make Cloths
1 T7 Dye
2 T7 Threads

Donations to make Threads:
2 T7 Silks

As donations and pots are made, I will update here.

Also, if this could be made a sticky, it will help so that people can read it first. Thank you.

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PostSubject: Re: AC pots R5 for clannies   Tue Jul 19, 2011 3:43 pm

Donations On Hand:

Consumables - 12
Bones T6 - 109
Bones T1 - 0 (need)
Dyes T7 - 14 (can use more)
Dyes T1 - 0 (Need)
Cloth T7 - 0 (can use more)
Berries T7 - 0 (can use more)
Berries T1 - 1 (need)
Thread T7 - 174
Silks T7 - 0

Pots made - 32
Pots sold - 32
Left on hand - 0

Buyers: Breaks-13, KC-2, Pearl-12, Aliisza-5
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AC pots R5 for clannies
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