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 Jackamoe's Forge

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PostSubject: Jackamoe's Forge   Mon Jul 16, 2012 5:32 pm

Dose it take you longer than 10 seconds to kill a mob ? Do mobs often sit and laugh at you and your "Weapon" ? Well my friend, it may be time for you to get a new Weapon. But do not fear ! Here at Jackamoe's Forge we go out of our way to give you the highest quality Weapon made from the finest mats in the land of Nodiatis! Listed below are a list of all the Weapons i can currently make as of 7/16/2012 ( also the date i joined clown )

EPIC: Algae Encrusted Halberd ( lvl 9 2h slasher )
EPIC: Serrated Bone Dagger ( lvl 12 1h piercer )
EPIC: Bloodclaw ( lvl 15 1h slasher )
EPIC: Dark Iron Warhammer ( lvl 22 2h crusher )
EPIC: Zombie Scale Claw ( lvl 28 1h slasher )
EPIC: Elk Horn Thruster (lvl 33 2h pierver )
EPIC: Flailing Treble ( lvl 42 1h piercer )
UNCOMMON: Emerald Enchanted Broadsword ( lvl 42 1h slasher )
RARE: Frosted War Torch ( lvl 46 1h crusher )
EPIC: Blue Crystal Axe ( lvl 52 1h slasher )
EPIC: Dragon Fang Dagger ( lvl 64 1h piercer )
EPIC: Leknar's Wrath ( lvl 75 2h slasher )
EPIC: Haunted Totem Sword ( lvl 81 1h slasher )

Please keep in mind that the Weapons listed above are just the masterplans i've collected so far , if u have a Consumable Plan of a weapon and would like it made then i can do that aswell , and if im missing a Weapon that u need then get ahold of me and ill see if maybe we can hunt down a plan of it and then ill start crafting it aswell ^^
Thank You for your time -- Jackamoe of Jackamoe's Forge
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Jackamoe's Forge
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