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 History of DtNor

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No Remorse

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PostSubject: History of DtNor   Mon May 03, 2010 4:49 pm

(writing by Noremorse) (site made possible by Wowseriously)

Hello all,

DtNor stands for Dtazyork and Noremorse.

This clan stands for friends, to meet them and to know them.

I met Dtazyork in May 2009 and soon we joined the Arcs.

We learned a lot from them and soon in August 2009 we started DtNor.
For recruitting new players we paid 50% tax so we could have them... we were barely paid at that time and things were not easy as we had to build or chars too.

Althought with a lot of help of the Arcs (Zoidberg and Valarian among others) we were a spin off of them and had most players from them.
Our first recruit was Sykoy. (Who went to france to study)

Dtazyork went to try to get his master in Math while teaching it and had very little time left and I tried to build up a company.

Things got rough when we tried to expand to 25 players.... I had to pay for it all alone ... for a level 20 a staggering 250k.... wow that was a lot...

We got a lot of players in, but then in November 2009 a lot of players left and we were broken because we were friends....
Frailc (former master) came in (luckily our savior and the only one who stands up to me, thank you for that, cause I need it).
We got bigger again and suddenly there was JustNeo (Officer) the big level 80 with a lot of knowlegde. Who took players in like a madman.
Gracy (Officer) as a level 20 and beating mobs and players up like we all know her now Smile with large donations in rp and gold.

Valarian (Officer, Master of the Arcs) helped us from the second month with good advice).

I was ready to give up but due to these players we are still running and going strong.

I had to do a lot alone .... or at least I thought, but then there were my friends who kept me in the game and gave me the drive to keep pushing (what is in my nature).

(Thank you very much my friends.)

All of us kept pushing and we were in no time back at 50 players. (Neo got a lot of players in, our toprecruiter).
We lost again a lot of players and friends along the way... which saddened me at the time ... and the clan pulled me through again.

Dtazyork was more and more away and the clan under my supervision was not doing to well because I missed my dear friend.... so frailc was added to the list of masters.
We had our differences in all matters, she even dared to put me back into my place. (I genuine thank her for it with noremorse.)

The clan became bigger and stronger..... We got better players and lost some again along the way.... ( I hated that and still do!!!!)

We got better players and gracy levelled like a maniac while I stayed behind and helped players with bosses while going for uber uber.

Thus we are growing, bigger than the Arcs and still coming strong.
This is the clan we wanted... I take it my personal interest to know all players personally and want see what drives them (hoping to help them as the clan did for me!!!!).

Each player is important to me and I want to know them personally...

For each player we have lost my heart regrets it .... In whatever way that was....
Just let us remember how they were... build on their legacy, combine it with our own and make it ours...

To all the players that are not here anymore ...

THANK YOU for your input and keeping dreams alive....

I guess this is it.... my ultimate goal has been reached when we hit 100 players and when we are all friends...
With your permission i will close this topic down...

Again thank you all for make this happen and when I am not around anymore ....
This is my legacy, this is what Dtazyork and I stand for.

To all,



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PostSubject: Re: History of DtNor   Thu Sep 23, 2010 1:05 pm

That is a great history. It almost made me cry. I am very excited to be in the clan. Everyone is great. Thank your for having me. Gypseerose cheers Wink Laughing Shocked king flower
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PostSubject: Re: History of DtNor   Sat Dec 04, 2010 9:37 pm

That's a good recollection of the start. I hope I can live up to being a good clan member.
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PostSubject: Re: History of DtNor   Mon Aug 25, 2014 8:37 pm

I never realised so much work went into this clan to get it where it is today -- makes u feel kinda humble when you read it Shocked
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PostSubject: Re: History of DtNor   

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History of DtNor
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